Pizza World Records

It’s hard to top a record that’s never been topped before especially when you think about the kind of toppings that can be applied to that. We’re talking about pizza toppings, and no other world record of its’ kind is as spectacular as the ones that go into making really big pizzas! The tradition started in 1990 where two of the worlds largest pizzas both broke the record that year. The first was a mere 3.5 meter in diameter created in a Singapore Pizza Hut in June of 1990. The second that year was 37.4 meters in diameter created in December in South Africa. Now that might sound pretty big, but would you expect that record to be broken so easily? It might have taken 12 years to top that but they actually did! In Italy the record was officially broken when a crew of 5 talented chefs to assemble a massive 39.92 diameter pizza. In addition this new pizza was also toted as being Gluten-free! It’s not sure exactly how this new ‘record breaker’ was cooked, but initial reports mention it took 48 hours to cook over 5000 batches of dough for this pizza. This contradicts how the South Africa pizza was cooked which included two hanging heat elements that were suspended by special cranes.

giant-pizza-world-recordSome pizza records aren’t always a circular shape as you will soon read about. There are some pizza records that include the longest pizza too! The most recent record breaker happened this May in Naples, Italy that featured a continuous length of pizza that stretched 1852 meters! It took 400 volunteer pizza chefs to assemble and cook the pizza in 11 hours. The total weight was over 5.5 tons! This breaks the previous record set last year in 2015 by those in Milan who created a similar pizza that measured 1595 meters. That pizza weighed-in at 5 tons and took 18 hours to cook. Both pizzas were of course later donated to charity and homeless people living within Milan and Naples. With over 5 tons of pizza, you figure that throws-out the concept of healthy eating.

Not everyone gets a slice of record breaking pizza everyday, although there are some exceptions for finding the largest commercially available pizza. If you happen to live in Los Angeles, California there is one pizza that even Hollywood celebs are toasting. Momma’s and Pappa’s Pizzeria offer a mega-pizza you can order 24 hours in advance that measures over one meter squared! If that wasn’t enough, when passing through San Antonio, Texas be sure to look for Big Lou’s Pizza that offers the Big Lou 42 which also features a pizza that measures over one yard in circumference. Now there is one place in Gallatin, Tennessee that has a 1.66 meter circumference pizza for just $350 bucks! Can’t make it to America anytime soon, there is luck if you’re close to Australia. At a small joint in Sydney you can find Il Colosseo has a pizza measuring 1.9 by 1.9 meter square and might just be the largest commercially baked pizza that requires a two day notice just to order. It also has a price tag attached of 600 dollars. It isn’t just a rumor but in the Philippines, you can find El Buono’s pizza which has an impressive treat that covers both size and price. Their pizza measures 1.80 meter in diameter and includes up to 4 toppings for just 190 dollars. Keep in mind this pizza feeds 150 people, so this is no small snack!