Clips with pizza in it that you should see!

Top 10 list of pizza themed movies

Pizza is a food of comfort, famous for its’ gooey cheese, tasty toppings, and crunchy crust. We have been enjoying pizza since our childhood, and thus we’ve have a nostalgic attachment with the food ever since. So, we can say pizza is not just food, but rather a part of our lives. It is difficult to resist pizza, because it is so satisfying, so filling. That is also the reason why it has been featured in many movies and is often the central theme of many scripts. Pizza has often been used in Hollywood movies in certain scenes or subplots. There are some famous pizza scenes. For example, in the Princess Diaries, Anne Hathaway orders a pizza and has it delivered to her best friend to apologize for her rude behavior. But, the pizza itself wasn’t just a normal pizza. It was decorated with ‘Skittle’ candies on the top, that spelled out the word ‘sorry’. That is the kind of emotion associated that makes our heart melt. Isn’t that a wonderful way to apologize? Because of these reasons alone, featuring pizza in the film helps in getting a great audience response! We have so many old and new pizza themed movies that are worthy mention for this reason alone.

Here is a list of the top pizza movies that have had pizza worked into their overall theme.

Mystic PizzaMystic Pizza

This movie is undoubtedly the most iconic pizza themed movie. With a pizza in the title of the movie, the story revolves around three waitresses who work in a pizza shop. In order to earn reputation for their restaurant and increase their business, they needed a famous restaurant critic to review their pizza. The movie concludes with a famous TV food critic coming to their pizzeria, eating their pizza and thus rating their pizza with the highest rating and a comment of ‘superb’.

Pizza ShopPizza Shop Film

Based on the life of a pizza delivery man, this movie is a comic drama (also known as a Dramedy). The movie features his battles in the restaurant to become King Salami. With experiences of bizarre customers at the shop, his life never gets boring. The is one of those movies that would make you have think twice before ordering a pizza.

The Gold of Naples

The Gold of Naples

Pizza is an important part of this movie while the characters, Sophie Lauren and her husband are pizza sellers in Naples. The beautiful Loren plays a cheating wife who tempts many men of Naples to fall in love with her, thus making her husband jealous. One day she loses her engagement ring in the pizza dough while she was working. To find the missing ring, they had to ask all of their customers to look into their pizzas because the ring was likely to be in any of those pizzas that were baked. This is one great comical situation within the movie makes it a must-watch.

Pizza Man

Matt Burns, a simple pizza man working with his mother in his father’s pizzeria receives superhuman powers after eating a tomato which was genetically altered. Thus becoming a superhero who fights with a corporation and saves lives of many, he is pursued by evil villains who want to steal away his super powers.

Teenage Mutant Ninja TurtlesTeenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

The concept of pizza obsession is well portrayed in this movie. It features a very confused pizza delivery man has to deliver pizza to someone who is underground. It’s one of those scenes that’s iconic to the film itself. What made this scene funnier is when the turtles Michelangelo and Donatello wait eagerly for the pizza delivery guy to drop the pizza off onto the grate, so that they get a discount due to late delivery. A tactic that any crafty pizza fan would use to exploit the discount clause many pizza companies advertise. There is also the undying love for pizza by these mutant turtles, which is an interesting element that helps drives the story.

Fat Pizza

This quirky Australian flick, ‘Fat Pizza’ sums up all the characters from the original TV series, “Pizza”. The movie is a slice of life within the suburbs of Sydney where Bobo Gigliotti, the psychotic pizza chef is eagerly awaiting his Asian mail-order bride Lin Chow. Chaos ensues when a new pizza joint opens on the same block as Fat Pizza.


This hilarious Sci-Fi parody features a pizza like you’ve never seen. One evil space villain called Pizza The Hutt (meant to mirror Jabba the Hutt) is quite a memorable character, and is nothing more than a massive pile of melted mozzarella and pepperoni, and oozing cheese and pizza sauce. It’s also pretty funny since Pizza Hut is an actual pizza chain which increased their business right after the movie came out.

Pizza (2014)

This is a horror/thriller film from India which follows the tale of a young pizza delivery boy who takes a pizza to a family house. He returns from the house shaken-up and covered in blood with a tale that might just make you have goose bumps all night long…


The protagonist, Patrick Dempsey who works as a pizza delivery man in the film, to earn money to get himself through college. He starts makes money from small tips but soon, realizes that he can make even more money earning bigger tips by delivering pizza to lonely women.

The Pizza Jointpizza-joint 2016

Thomas and Anthony run a pizza joint in Greensville, called Phu-King Pizza. They’re also in business with a local drug dealer called ‘Playa Playa’.Both Anthony and Thomas developed a pizza recipe using a very potent strain of marijuana nick-named ‘Jamaican Goddess’ that’s infused into their pizza sauce. With $20k that ends-up stolen, they are left with a midnight deadline to pay-off the debt back to Playa Playa.

With all the variety of pizza themes, you’ll have no problem finding the right combination of toppings when you sit down to watch any of these great pizza film picks with your own pizza delivery order.